Saturday, 20 September 2014

You have my heart


Me and my baby, together we fought.
On the day he entered this world,
A great lesson we were taught.

Doctors talking to me to keep me awake.
To keep me from falling asleep and not being able to wake.

Feeling myself drifting and lights all fading.
A voice saying keep on going u will soon have a baby.

Finally I heard a tiny squeak.
A blue baby struggling to breathe.

Rushed off by nurses to save his life,
While doctors with me, carried on trying to save mine.

Feeling the tugging and trying not to drift off, 
after what seemed like days, they finally stopped.

The feeling of emptiness, it felt wrong.
I knew it was inevitable. I knew it had to be done. 
But I can't help but feel sad that my womb has gone.

'Had to be done,' they said. 'It was the only way. 
To make sure you and your baby could see another day.'

Three days later I saw his tiny body rest. 
Covered in wires and drains coming out of his chest.

His lung had collapsed and he was really ill.
Fighting to survive with all of his will.

I hated leaving him there so helpless and small.
 My heart stayed with him, when a week later, I had to go home.

But he was a fighter and he saw it through. 
Til the day he come home finally my heart did too.

By Lisa Medd - Increta Survivor

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